Custom Software

At Pelican Technologies, we solve business challenges using enterprise-level custom software development solutions. Our end-to-end software development services include expert strategic technology consulting and development all the way through to launch, production support and marketing. With over 9 years of experience with a wide array of impressed clients, Pelican has a fine-tuned, right-sized approach that is tailored to help you meet your business goals with style and creativity while mitigating the risks typically associated with system development.

We have focused these custom software development efforts into 5 specialized areas:

  Cloud Solutions:

Pulling data from multiple sources, pushing it to a centralized secure repository, processing on that data to create information and presenting that information in meaningful ways.

  RFID Solutions:

Completely hardware agnostic and system neutral, Pelican knows RFID and RFID processes. Custom application development or off the shelf, we will assist you in putting together a system and process that works for your organization.

  Process Efficiency:

Internal manual processes are slow and can cause erroneous situations. Let Pelican examine these process and build a custom solution that saves you time and money.

  Mobile Solutions:

Increasingly employees and customers are interfacing with companies through mobile interfaces. Pelican has the experience to build mobile applications that promote business either by interfacing with customers or allowing employees access while on the go.

  System Integration:

Your organization likely has a collection of software and hardware systems that are used every day by your employees, vendors and partners. These systems likely aren’t connected and don’t talk to one-another. Pelican can make them all speak a common language and exchange information in real time.

Our team of developers has expertise in many different platforms, languages, and systems, including many legacy systems. From .NET and PHP to SQL and XML, our team has the skills and experience to build your custom solution and support you in its use going forward.

What Sort Of Software Does Your Business Need?